I’m both extrovert and introvert. I like people,but also get annoyed with them. Some people think That’s my attitude but some also that’s kinda gesture my whole life is based on.
According to you,I ain’t the person you should talk or you shouldn’t talk???
But believe people will try to destroy that gesture and make you introvert ! That’s what I am avoiding not to !
        -Paarth Jolly

Cut Copy Paste Send.!*here is some text*

To the girl I love,to my future.
All this while, all my life I’ve been thinking about you, I know you don’t seem to be around, I don’t even know where you are, but still I can feel your presence. I can feel you breathe on my skin, running all over my body. It feels like you’re just next to me but I don’t know where.
I just wish you’re happy, I know one day. I’ll find you or maybe you’ll find me. This feeling of love is inevitable. Our love is eternal.
This day, I’m joining the lines on map of our love,I do it everyday. Your name I don’t even know it. But I’m trying to spell. One, one fine day. I’ll complete these lines. They’ll direct me towards you. And that day I’ll spell your name.
Until then think of me, I’ll do the same. So that when we meet. Even you’ll feel that you’ve known me, all your life.

Cut Copy Paste Send.! Lines gonna help someone someday sometimes but maybe not today.

-Paarth Jolly



Just Some Random Text

Is everything already planned? Is everything same as  your destiny? Who knows what’s is going to happens, but remember its all a cycle which peddles on every beat to make our life better or miserable depends on the way you made for others.!!! Maybe Karma is a bitch, but believe me dog barks within yourselffeed that dog, but don’t let it bark or bite others as you would too be hurt and other surely going to get 14 injections.

-Paarth Jolly

*Bright Chronicles*

Colours are the beauty of world. Stop thinking that your life revolve around the two colours ;black or grey. A little green , pink ,blue wouldn’t do any harm. Stop draining the colours out of your life. Even though colours mean a lot . Black , grey or white are beautiful in their own way.I wonder how many mothers would be added to the list who feed their children showing them the moon and how many lovers would make promises with each other under thousands of bright white stars and the wonderful blend of black and white of the small little moon… Its like a kid’s mystery colour-books that once we use to fill randomly. Its the brightness of the colours which attract children to choose one of them and make their own and different world on the big walls. But maybe its all in the mind  because for us the interesting part is there are so many colours and so many situation to relate the colours with and that totally dependent on how strongly the shades strikes us!


*-Unsolved Mysteries

She was a mystery. an open book additionally. How was that possible?How could someone burry their secret deep within, never let them let them out and yet dance and sing their noetic conceptions with great zealousness to the entire world. Everybody authoritatively mandated her to stop telling her phrenic conceptions out, she would become a disaster they always verbally expressed. But for her, every person was an incipient chapter of life. Anew edification for her. And she was a learner. They came and peregrinated, made her laugh and made her cry. She fell in love with some and out of love with the others. She always smiled at the cerebration of those who stayed. It only hurt when she had to let go off someone who had stayed for quite a while. She flipped the pages of the book but never visually perceived the cessation of some chapters. She became so sure that they would never leave that when they did, losing the ones she doted became her most astronomically immense fear. But she was addicted to this book. She never lost hope, never ceased reading. No matter how much the pages cut her hands. She hoped that the people who lest will return. she mentally conceived that she could culminate the book whenever she wanted at times, but she was patient. She would wait for the ‘Happily ever after’ for as long as she could. For if she ended the book now, she would have to die a mystery, but she wanted to be n open book. What she obnubilated in the deepest components of her heart she wanted to let out, wanted everyone to read,she wanted to inspire.She wanted to be read, and wanted to be the book that made a difference
There are some things which convert generations into ashes, but still are unrevealed. Shhhhh…!!! That’s the smell which makes you cerebrate scarcely weird. and you are right!.. a mystery perpetuates . . Is it a diminutive word with an immensely colossal secret circumvented it with an acrid truth or a jubilant lie… Conjecture what Some mystery just remains mystery Cos.. We just can’t solve till we solve the mystery of our life’s.. Every day the stress we take its not the phrenic touch, but it’s a mystery which turning your life into bunches or wrap which is it getting into a more immensely colossal thing maybe which can explode someday.